Surrounding area


The surrounding area around Grolloo offers a lot of possibilities. To enjoy walking and cycling. But certainly also to enjoy the peace and nature. We are happy to give you tips on the possibilities that the environment can offer you.


CR Hofsteenge GrollooCafé-Restaurant Hofsteenge

Hoofdstraat 11
T (0592) – 501226
E This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you place a reservation at our hotel, you will receive a dinner voucher from the Hofsteenge restaurant in Grolloo. You will receive a 10% discount on your dinner, excluding consumption at this cozy restaurant.

bluesmuseum Blues Museum Grolloo

C + B Museum keeps the blues of Cuby & the Blizzards alive!

C+B Museum, Voorstreek 4
9444 PE Grolloo

cafe restaurant gerrieCafé-Restaurant Gerrie

Hoofdstraat 15


The Hondsrug is the only UNESCO Geopark in the Netherlands. Unique!

joytimeJoytime vrijetijdsactiviteiten

Do you like to be active and do you like a challenge? Welcome to Joytime Leisure activities!

Oostereind 12
9444 XD Grolloo
Tel. 0592-501655


At Outdoor center Boomkroonpad you can enjoy at a high level. Walking through the tops of the trees you experience the forest from a completely different perspective.

ieberenplasSpeelvijver Ieberenplas

The Ieberenplas in forestry Grolloo is a private swimming pond, with a lovely sandy beach. Safe for the little ones and water fun for older children. At the kiosk you can drink on summer days and there is ample picnic space.. Also toilets are available.

kamp westerborkRemembrance center Kamp Westerbork

Remembrance center Kamp Westerbork is a museum where the history of Kamp Westerbork is told. The museum is located on the Oosthalen road, about three kilometers from the former concentration camp.

ellertenbrammertOpen-air Museum "Ellert en Brammert

"I am in a wonderful country" Vincent van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo in 1883. This country was Drenthe. To this day, the province breathes the spirit of years ago. Marvellously preserved megaliths, prehistoric graves, invite the tourist to take a step back in time.

This step can be taken at the "Ellert and Brammert" open air museum in Schoonoord. Situated in the Ellertsveld area, this museum brings the past of South East Drenthe back to life. A number of different homes and buildings reconstruct life in the region, starting as small as a turf cottage. But the collection also includes a Saxon farmhouse, a tollhouse, a school and even a prison. Also you can enjoy a snack and a drink at the old country inn. A playground and a childrens farm complete the museum.

Once the giants Ellert and Brammert used to raid the surrounding area. Now they stand at the entrance of the museum to attract the eye of the plubic. In the cave of the two robbers, part of the legend is depicted using threedimensional scenes.

Turn the clock back a century for a few hours!

drents museumDrents Museum 

The Drents Museum is located in Assen, on the site of the former monastery Maria in Campis. The main entrance is situated in a former coach house of the Drostenhuis since 2011, which is connected to the other buildings via a subterranean corridor.

Museumdorp OrvelteMuseumdorp Orvelte 

Orvelte is one of the most beautiful villages in Drenthe and the Netherlands. The monumental farms, the well-kept houses, the stately trees, beautiful gardens and streets, with cobblestones and old vowels, give the village a unique atmosphere. And you immediately feel "lived and worked in this beautiful village".

GevangenismuseumGevangenismuseum Veenhuizen

The National Prison Museum is located in a former workhouse in Veenhuizen. The museum informs interactively about how to deal with crime and punishment in the Netherlands from 1600 to today.

Rimbula River Wildlands Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen

Go on a world trip in one day. In WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen you travel through the jungle, the savannah and the polar region.